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The Law Office of Edwin E. Reyes, PLLC is a comprehensive immigration law firm.  We can assist you on all types of immigration process as well as most ancillary processes.


We can help you obtain your I-94, Arrival and Departure Record.  This is an important document that proves that you were lawfully admitted or paroled into the country.

Extension of Status

If you require additional time in the country to conclude any pending business, an extension of status can extend your lawful stay in the U.S. without jeopardizing your visa.

Green Card Renewals

After ten years a lawful permanent resident must apply to renew their Green Card.  

Removal of Conditions

A conditional resident must apply to remove conditions from their residence after two years.  If the removal of conditions is not filed, the conditional resident will be without any lawful status and subject to deportation.

Re-Entry Permits

Certain immigrants may qualify for a re-entry permit to allow them to enter the U.S. after a trip abroad.  Advance Paroles are common re-entry permits that allow certain individuals from re-entering the country. Lawful Permanent Residents that will be outside of the country for a prolonged amount of time have to apply for a re-entry permit.  If a re-entry permit is not obtained, immigration can deny entry to the lawful permanent resident for abandonment.

Airport Detention

Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) screen any nonimmigrants and returning residents.  If any ground of inadmissibility is suspected, the CBP officer may detain them. Having access to knowledgeable counsel can make the determination whether they are returned to their native country or allowed admission into the U.S.

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